Rukmani Loganathan is the Director of Engineering at K4 Mobility. She has extensive experience in defining System Architecture and delivering Software for the Datacom/Telecom and Aviation industry.

Her prior experience includes managing larger team of System Architects and Software developers at Aricent Technologies, responsible for Software deliverables to various clients in the Datacom/Telecom industries ranging from Access routers to Terabit Core routers.

After working for more than a decade on the Datacom industry joined Gogo, where she took multiple roles as Lead System Architect for Airborne Software, Director for Data Center & Proof of Concept Team, Director for Airborne Software development. During her tenure at Gogo, she has been pivotal for many key initiatives like Multi Link Balancer, Wireless Seatback interface, Connected Aircraft Service (IOT), Service Provider Integration, SW to OEM vendors like Airbus/Boeing/Bombardier, to name a few.

She has BS in Computer Science Engineering from India.